Being VSNRY is a way of thinking. But there's a fine line between vision and delusion. Delusion is selfish, but vision has value. We want to create with more than just oneself in mind. For that we always strive to think visionary.

VSNRY is a creative collective of filmmakers who came together through a mutual sense for aesthetics and the pursuit of perfection.

In a communication design study program, we created our first films together and have, since then, been active under the name VSNRY PICTURES. We have already produced the most diverse projects, from documentaries to corporate films to experimental dance and fashion videos.

We like to face new challenges and are looking for unconventional ways to actualise every project. Our constant questioning of self performance drives us to consistently improve our creative and technical quality, to try new things and to grow with each project.

Until now, we realised projects for music artists and labels like Universal Music, Bebetta, Alle Farben and Teesy, such as major corporations like Amazon, Commerzbank or TIDAL and renowned universitys like Maastricht Unversity or Bucerius Law School and many more.

Marius Hoppeproducer, dop

Fascinated by the film studies of his cousin, Marius had his first contact with a film camera at the age of 11. Since the young age of 16, he has been able to carry out countless projects for various clients. These clients include small, local companies, as well as major corporations such as Amazon or Commerzbank. He then used his study program to try more experimental concepts and expand his horizon in other creative design areas. Marius just finished working on his bachelor thesis, with which he tries to bring the world a little closer to his favorite music genre, electronic. In 2015, together with two friends, he also founded the company Bitkomplex, with which they carry out livestreaming projects.

Munir Wernerdirector, dop, editor

Early on, inspired by dance, music and urban culture, Munir made his first steps in photography while still in high school. These combined interests and passions quickly led to shooting global dance events in the hip hop and bboy scene. At the same time, an uprising of creativity in the early web content creator scene led to a strong interest in filmmaking which he pursued as a major in a communication design study program. There he was able to translate his knowledge of photography into motion picture. His recent projects took him to places such as Tokyo or New York, where he shot a documentary about Jazz and gained experiences in the uprising e-sports scene.

Joel Thumdop, editor

After he found an old VHS camcorder in the basement of his childhood home at the age of 13, Joel started collecting footage of whatever happened around him. At 16, due to his strong passion as a quite young musician, he started realizing his first serious projects for various bands and artists. Until today, he has worked for some major companies as well as a great number of artists in Europe. Owing to his knowledge in music and sound, Joel has a sensitive ability to communicate with musicians on the same level. Inspired by the beauty of negative film in both photography and motion picture, he always has an eye on a specific look and mood for the respective projects. At the moment, he is working for a documentary production about the independent and upcoming music scene in Cologne as well as some music video productions.

Kai Strackedop, editor